4 of 10: Wishbringer.

It took a while but the fourth game of the Mastertronic releases of the classic Infocom adventures has arrived at my doorstep.

After dabbling with Suspended some time ago, I wanted my next try to be a simple adventure. And because Wishbringer is labeled as an entry level adventure, I’d decided that this should become the one. I already had seven of the ten budget releases from Mastertronic, but Wishbringer was still missing.

Now I only need the last two releases, Enchanter and Sorcerer, to make the series complete. Not that I will want that anytime soon, because I already have the “Grey Box” release of Sorcerer for the Atari ST.

Here’s a fun fact: Wishbringer came with an advert for a Soundblaster: “The Ultimate Soundboard for your PC!” And that for a game without any sound, or even graphics, can you believe it?!

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