A case of collectors fatigue

The other day I noticed that I almost couldn’t keep track of all the games I had bought and were still under way to my home. And that I became a little obsessed about collecting. I wanted to bid on the second and third part of the X-Wing trilogy even though I only played the first part back in the days and I have that one already and I’m in no mind to play it again. At most I’ll maybe watch the intro and play the first two missions, but that’s probably going to be it. There’s also the Limited Run re-releases coming and what if I think that I need those also.

I’m scrounging auction sites multiple times a day. This is becoming ridiculous. And I’m not even enjoying it anymore when I’m unboxing the latest game I’ve bought. Maybe this is a case of collectors fatigue, or something close to it. I don’t know. I guess it would be better if I take it a bit slower. I’ve got to pace myself. The holidays are on the way and that’s also a time in which a lot of new and exiting games are being released. It would be fun to focus on that for a little while.

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