Got my hands on one of the best C64 games: Oil’s Well

Oil’s Well for the Commodore 64 was one of the games for the system that I wanted to get my hands on the most. But no longer, as I obtained a copy. It’s the cassette version for both the C64 and the Atari in a lovely mini box. It’s not the big box version that I’ve seen on Ebay for very high prices. That is probably the ultimate release. But this one is very nice also. It has great box art. Not like the crappy PC version. Not only is the box of that version very ugly, the game itself is also not as nice. People on YouTube find the Atari version superior to the C64 version. I’ve never played the Atari version, but I will try it out. Of course, I don’t have an actual Atari system, so a comparisons between an actual C64 and an emulated Atari is probably going to be a bit unfair.

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