Broken Age

I wasn’t aware of the Kickstarter for Broken Age at the time and I only played the game after I bought it on Steam on a discount. I absolutely loved playing it. And it re awakened my love for point and click adventure games. I eventually bought the documentary A Double Fine Adventure on Blu-ray that comes bundled with the game for PC and Mac. However, the store where I bought it made a mistake and sent me the PS4 version instead. Initially I wanted to sell it, because it’s not rational to own multiple copies of the same game. But I held off on that, because it looks nice besides my copy of Grim Fandango Remastered for PS4. Eventually, I also bought the big box edition from the Kickstarter campaign just because it looks nice beside the other classic LucasArts adventures. There’s not much inside the box, only some artwork and the Double Fine Adventure that I already got. So, I decided to sell at least that one off to compensate some of my overspending on this game.