Hello X-Wing and Diablo and welcome back Evil Islands

I came across boxed versions of X-Wing and Diablo for a very reasonable price and so I couldn’t resist picking them up. I remember being very impressed with the intro cinematic of X-Wing at the time when it came out. And I even wasn’t into Star Wars. I played a few missions and I actually felt like I was flying in space. So I guess it’s nostalgia that made me get this game.

It is nice to have boxed versions of all the games that I have played. Even if I played them only for a little bit, some of them certainly left some nice memories like X-Wing did. The same goes for Diablo although I played it only for a very little bit back in the days and it didn’t leave much of an impression. I don’t know what it was, but it just didn’t appeal to me back then. It is nice to have it in my collection though, if only because it’s such an important part of gaming history.

The same cannot be said about Evil Islands. That game certainly isn’t widely regarded as an important game in gaming history. And I guess that’s for a reason. The game doesn’t stand out, but I have fond memories of playing it. All the way through to the ending I might add. I even had a boxed version during my first retro revival, but I sold it again. And now it’s here again, hopefully for a long time.

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