Playing Heroes & Cowards

I’ve been playing Heroes & Cowards now for a few days and I’m enjoying it for the most part. The humor is great and every game that has a Monkey Island reference in it has a plus in my book.

I’ve acquired one gemstone, but currently I’m a bit stuck. The most recent item I got was a shield, but I don’t know what I can use it for.

Another problem that I’m having is that I can’t save my progress. Saving on the Chameleon doesn’t work. The game won’t run on my SD2IEC at all. And my 1541 doesn’t work at the moment. Therefore, I’m doomed at playing it through emulation on my retro computer setup with RetroPie. That isn’t ideal, because I discovered that the picture quality sucks compared to my real C64 setup. Also, I can’t exit the emulator. That’s probably because the Amiga 1200 keyboard doesn’t have a F12 key or something. I guess I have to change the settings in Retroarch or something.


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