Another New Game for an Old System joins the ranks: Heroes & Cowards

I read somewhere that a new batch of boxed physical releases of Heroes & Cowards for the Commodore 64 was available again and after reading about it in ZZAP!64 Annual 2019, I just couldn’t resist getting another New Game for an Old System.

Sadly, the disk wouldn’t load. My 1541 is probably broken. Now I have to figure out what’s wrong. It may be the 74LS14 and/or 7407 chip have stopped working.

Also, the digital copies won’t load on the Chameleon or SD2IEC. Bummer! Luckily, the day after I remembered that you have to mount the D64 file with C=+M, I then proceeded to basic after which LOAD”:*”,8,1 did the trick. Although, you first have to enable the disk drive emulation in the settings.

First impressions are very good, nice music, nice graphics. Nice interface, that seems to be well suited to the CDTV remote, but I don’t remember how I get that thing working. IR is enabled in the options. That’s something for another day.

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