Casual kart racing, plumber platforming and bubble busting

I’ve played some more New Game+ after beating Chrono Trigger and tried to get the ending while Chrono’s still dead, but I couldn’t beat Lavos and I think I’ll leave the game for what it is for now. Most of the times when I finish a game, I try to read up on it on the internet to see what I’ve missed and to get some insight in some fun facts. Especially for this game it let me keep on playing the NG+ although it was a little tedious because you are so overpowered.

After that I craved for a more casual gaming ecperience and because I was still on vacation I went with Diddy Kong Racing DS and New Super Mario DS.

While still on vacation I bought a second hand copy of a Limited Run edition of Pang Adventures for PS4. It was waiting for me when I got home and I already had some more casual gaming fun with it. I certainly plan on playing some more Pang. I loved the Amiga version back in the day.

I tried connecting a Wii arcade stick to the PS4 with the Mayflash adapter, but couldn’t get it working. I saw a video of a guy that managed to do it, but I guess it must be on some old firmware or something. Too bad, because I don’t like the Dual Shock controller for this game and would much rather play it with a joystick.

For more non-casual gaming, I intend to finish Majora’s Mask next. I already got a bit further by getting the mask from the brothers that run the horse racing challenge and ran through the Ikana Canyon.

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