Chrono Trigger: One ending down!

It took another vacation with my New 2DS to finally beat Chrono Trigger. The last vacation I left Chrono and his friends with only the fight against Lavos still to do. I flew up to the Dark Omen and worked my way up to Lavos with Chrono, Marle and Ayla. But at just over level 50, I couldn’t beat him. After a few tries, I switched Ayla for Frog and that went smoother. He went down after two tries. The ending that followed was quite rewarding. Which was no surprise in a game that’s all about the ending. Or endings, because it has a lot of them.

It has been quite a memorable journey. And for the first time in my gaming life, I am tempted to have a go at New Game+. In an hour and a half, I was already quite far, but it’s a bit ridiculous because I’m so overpowered. I’ll probably try one different approach with another team and leave it at that.

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