Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

I’ve never played this game properly back in the days. The earliest LucasFilm adventure game that I’ve played was The Secret of Monkey Island. A few years ago I tried to get somewhere with this game and I didn’t even manage to get on the bus. Now I’m trying again and I’m getting much further and I’m enjoying it. Not at first though. I was ready to give up, but when I read up in The National Inquirer – the little booklet in newspaper format that came packaged with the game – I could at least get somewhere. And I could enjoy it a lot more. Sucks that I don’t have the original boxed version of the game. I tried eBay, but the prices were way too high.

I’m playing the Amiga version. I started with the PC version through ScummVM, but the aspect ratio was all wrong. And the monitor that I use for playing ScummVM games doesn’t display very nice colors. I also tried the C64 version just to listen to the SID music. But I prefer the Amiga music. And graphics obviously.