The time I almost finished Chrono Trigger

While on holiday I took my New Nintendo 2DS XL with me so I could finally go through all of Chrono Trigger and be done with it. Over the years, I’ve tried to play through it. Despite me not loving JRPGs very much, I owe it to myself to play this game all the way through. And as I loved going through EarthBound I was especially motivated to try again. I’m now all the way up to taking on Lavos. I think I will have to try to get the last few quests my companions want me to do first, but I don’t know where to start. The one from the prehistoric age wants me to grind through a lot of enemies to get enough resources to get better gear. I don’t like this very much.
As I didn’t manage to get through the whole game in one week, I wonder if I will finish it. I’m not good at wrapping things up. I still don’t have completed Majora’s Mask for example.

Back home again, I realized that it probably has been at least 8 months since I played Skyrim. That’s ridiculous. I can’t be this long without an Elder Scrolls game! So I continued my last character (Lews, guess his last name, T…) who’s very good at whacking people with a one handed blade (summoned or real), puts an arrow between their eyes or, if all else fails, fries his foes with destruction saidin. Apparently, I left off just before entering the complex that leads to Blackreach. I managed to reach this wonderful place. Still great fun to wander around. I got out with what I was supposed to do and even continued on with reading the Elder Scroll on the Throat of the World, and taking on Alduin. He took me out though… Either I’m too bad at playing this game, or I’ve encountered the bug that doesn’t let me drain his health.

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