3 little game carts for the Lynx to join the ranks

Today I received three more games for the Lynx: Ms. PAC-MAN, Electrocop and Roadblasters. Especially the first one I didn’t think I would see around here anytime soon. I spent some time playing all three.

Ms. PAC-MAN is very nice with the different screen layout, both normal and wide, and you can choose which level you want to start. I already heard someone online mention that the controls aren’t the best, because Ms. automatically moves forward and that’s not ideal indeed.

Of the fifteen minutes that I played Electrocop, half that time was probably spent playing the minigames.

Roadblasters will take some effort to get better in. It requires a bit of skill to blast your fellow road users before you crash into them. The visuals are very nice.

I’ve added the games to the list.

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