Sometimes I surprise myself. This time with a new Amiga 500 case… and some keycaps

Yesterday, just before the campaign closed, I decided that I did want to pledge for some new keycaps for my Amiga keyboard. I was on the fence because I thought that I hadn’t pledged for a new Amiga 500 case. And the new keycaps won’t fit on the keyboard of my Amiga 500, because it has the mechanical keyboard with the “Space Invaders” switches.

But today I received an email that I could choose which color Amiga 500 case I wanted. So apparently I had pledged for a new case and it had completely slipped my mind. How could that have happened?! I’ve probably made a pledge in the last minute, just like now with the keycaps. I checked and it wasn’t some April fools’ joke. Boy, am I feeling lucky now that I did opt for the keycaps! Now I can get a nice matching case and keycaps set. I’m fantasizing about which combination to get: maybe a dark blue case with light blue keys, or purple case with violet keys…

I have a spare Amiga 500 with a Mitsumi keyboard waiting for it. I had originally intended that to be for the nice red Skid Row special edition Amiga 1200 case with keycaps that’s underway. So I probably won’t opt for a red Amiga 500 case. I didn’t yet go for new mechanical keyboards, because I thought they were too expensive. And I understand that there probably will be new keyboards from the A1200 team also.

While I hoped that the Amiga 1200 case and keycaps would arrive early this year, I recently understood that it won’t ship until September. I just have to have some more patience. And I already have been waiting so long.

Though not as long as for the new Commodore 64 keycaps. Those will probably never reach my doorstep. For that campaign, I opted for the translucent caps to match my translucent case that I got after the crowdfunding campaign for new C64 cases had ended. Those were the only ones remaining. I still regret that I didn’t pledge for that campaign to get my hands on a nice light blue C64 case. It would have looked so cool with the yellow Chameleon! I recently saw one on Ebay, but the seller wanted $ 200 for it and that’s a little too expensive for me.

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