Now for some scanlines

The Indivision ECS V2 from Inidividual Computers that has just been released arrived on my doorstep just before Christmas. Although my Amiga 500 outputs RGB just fine on the Benq BL702A monitor, I thought I would try the Indivision just so Workbench can run flicker free in high resolution and I hope the scanline feature is nice to look at.

I removed the Denise chip and installed the Indivision with the supplied socket adapter. I haven’t closed up my Amiga just yet, because I want to make certain that everything works before I do. One thing that I noticed was that the metal shielding cannot be reinstalled because the Inidivision blocks one of the mounting holes. I guess I will just have to snap that section of the shielding off or maybe I can bent it backwards.

Anyway, first impressions weren’t very good. Out of the box, the Benq displays RGB much more nicely than the Indivision does. Time for some tinkering. Only, that proved more difficult then I thought it would, because I cannot open anything inside the Prefs drawer. A message is displayed on the status bar but it disappears too quickly to read what is says. So, I cannot open Screen Mode and change the resolution. I seem to remember that I have had this problem before. Maybe it has something to do with the way the ACA500plus has installed Workbench.

I tried booting Workbench from floppy and the same thing happened, I’m still not able to open Screen Mode. This time, however, I’m able to read the error message. It says that asl.library V38 is required. Looking in the Libs drawer, I see asl.library however. Strange. After some more reading on the wiki of the Inidivision, I noticed that this same library is mentioned as being necessary to change some settings. Without the proper version some things are greyed out.

Googling the issue, I read on the Amibay forum something about the asl.library and a link to version 42 on Aminet. I’ve installed that one, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

After that I tried to install Workbench from the ACA500plus all over again, but the installer hanged. So I flashed the menu again with the most recent version. I booted into Workbench without running the installer first (it boots so quickly if you press the “wrong” button…). While I was in Workbench, I tried changing the Screen Mode again and now it worked. What the *!

Unfortunately, now I’ve run out of time. So I will continue at a later date. For now, I’ve just connected the monitor to the RGB output with the vga-adapter as it was before I installed the Indivision. Even without the Denise chip that works fine.

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