Some new plugins for the site

As I’ve been busy reinvigorating the website, I’ve made some changes and added some new plugins to the site: Posts By Tag by Sudar and Widget Context by Preseto.

I want to use this site to keep a journal of sorts of my gaming life. Previously I had a rather convoluted setup with custom post types, and database like functionalities by cross-linking different post types, different custom fields per post type, etc.

Since I decided that I had to keep it simple, I’ve ditched this setup and only want to work with regular posts in different categories. I also want to keep working with the Hitmag theme for now.

The way I have it worked out is as follows: I want to have separate posts for different games. These posts contain some information about the game and/or my opinion on the game. These posts all have the “games” category.

While playing the game, I want to write down any ramblings I might have in separate posts. That way, progress gets saved in chronological order. I was thinking about writing it all down in the post containing the information on the game itself, maybe even with time stamps, but I think that short status updates give a much nicer overview of my gaming life.

I even thought about commenting on a particular game myself, but that would be confusing if anyone else decides to make a comment.

So I want to have posts that have information about a game. And next to that post, I want to display any posts with status updates about the particular game.

As I’ve found that the related posts functionality of the Hitmag theme doesn’t do exactly what I want, I’ve decided to work with tags for this. So any post related to a game has to be tagged with the title of the game. The plugin Posts By Tag can take care of displaying these related posts. And the plugin Widget Context can take care of only showing these posts on the single post page and not on the homepage.

This seems to do part of what I want, although I can only display the related posts in the widget in the sidebar. Ideally, I want to show them underneath the post containing the game. Also, the layout of the widget doesn’t look very nice. So I might want to work directly in the template files themselves.

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