Atari Lynx

I bought myself an Atari Lynx model 1 again. For  years I have wanted one again, after having owned one back in the nineties.

It is in reasonable good condition and works fine, although sometimes certain cartridges won’t load and the screen show the message INSERT GAME. Re-inserting the cartridges a couple of times and/or blowing in the cartridge slot makes the problem go away. I have to find out if this is usual for this device. It probably has something to do with corrosion of the connector of the cartridges.

Originally, I had the unit that came bundled with California Games, which was pretty great and offered lots of playtime, because it were four events that I found all equally fun to play.

Next to that, I had two other games, namely Blue Lightening and Toki. I remember having some fun with Blue Lightening, but a lot more with Toki. I think I never played the Amiga version and the Lynx version was very playable. Although I can ‘t remember all the levels from the top of my head, I do remember that I finished it.

I remember playing with the Lynx on the couch next to the power outlet, because I couldn’t afford keeping it fed with batteries and couldn’t be bothered with waiting for the rechargeable batteries to recharge. What I didn’t remember was the size of the wall wart that it comes with. I mean, it’s absolutely huge as it threatens to destroy the wall socket. Also, the plug that connects at the unit isn’t very stable. I’m always afraid that it will fall out and in doing so I will lose my progress. I know I did take the Lynx with me to some boring family outings just to re-enforce my image of the non-sociable nerd.

I also remember keeping the unit very close to my face while playing and now I know why, because the screen lightening is quite poor. I will definitely consider having it upgraded.

Here’s a list of all the games I currently have (list is being held up-to-date):

  1. A.P.B.
  2. Batman Returns
  3. Block Out
  4. Blue Lightening
  5. California Games
  6. Casino
  7. Checkered Flag
  8. Chip’s Challenge
  9. Crystal Mines II
  10. Dinolympics
  11. Dirty Larry Renegade Cop
  12. Electrocop (ridged)
  13. Gates of Zendocon
  14. Gauntlet
  15. Hockey
  16. KLAX
  17. Lemmings
  18. Ms. PAC-MAN
  19. Pac-Land
  20. Pinball Jam
  21. RoadBlasters
  22. Rygar (2)
  23. S.T.U.N. Runner
  24. Scrapyard Dog
  25. Shadow of the Beast
  26. Shanghai
  27. Steel Talons
  28. Switchblade II
  29. Todd’s Adventures in Slime World
  30. Toki
  31. Turbo Sub
  32. Viking Child
  33. Warbirds
  34. Wyvern Tales
  35. Xenophobe

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