A typical gaming weekend

On Friday, Guybrush insulted some pirates in The Curse of Monkey Island, all the while making sure it rhymed, which was quite fun.

On Saturday night I’ve made some progress with Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy traveled all the way up north riding a Broadhead for the next step in the main story. She left a host of angry machines in her wake.

Of course, Aloy couldn’t resist being a little bit sidetracked so she cleaned out a bandit camp underway. Every time she does this it reminds me just a little too much of The Witcher 3. I mean it’s really exactly the same with the sudden fade-out when the last bandit is killed. I found it jarring in the Witcher and it still is here. Why this need for such an interruption? It’s like all the villagers are constantly waiting behind some trees nearby for someone to drive off the bandits. It’s ridiculous. Why not just let Aloy continue playing and discover that people have returned to the settlement after a while. It has probably something to do with providing the player with a merchant after these quests. But for me it breaks “realism” too much and it’s unnecessary. Also, it makes me think that the developers just copy-pasted different bits of programming from other games. But anyway, killing the bandits was a lot of fun. So I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

Eventually Aloy got near the goal of the quest. She terminated a lot of corrupted machines and angry people, but the main baddie responsible for the corruption has proven to be too strong thus far. How do you kill those locusts anyway? It has been too long since I played this game to remember all the tutorials about all the weapons Aloy can use. She really needs to hone her skills with the rope caster and the trip caster and I don’t know what else sort of caster she can use.

So that built up a lot of adrenaline. To let it go, I’ve watched an episode of Jessica Jones before I went to bed.

On Sunday, I played a bit of Chrono Trigger on a little laptop with Snes9X and the 8Bitdo SNES Controller. I didn’t get Bluetooth working, so I had to use the USB cable. I’ll be taking this along with me on vacation next week.

And finally, the Wii U also got some attention when I played some The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass on it using the gamepad sideways.

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