All hail the materialistic lifestyle!

While I was reading some older posts I stumbled across a old wish list of mine. Always surprising to see how things turn out. This time mostly for the good. Which is good.

I’ve bought the D-link DIR-655 router and a switch so I finally have Gigabit speeds. I’ve got extra storage (second 1TB WD Elements), and iPhone 3Gs and Kef iQ50 speakers. I’m not super exited about the speakers, however, but I’ve read that they need some time to loosen up. So I’ll give them some time.

I also ordered a Logitech Harmony One to replace the Harmony 555. And a new keyboard/mouse to replace the Microsoft Elite Desktop for Bluetooth: the Logitech 3200 Laser Desktop. Finally no more worries about the Bluetooth connection. The Logitech handles fine. Not better than the Microsoft, which was already quite good.

Some new items on the wish list are:

  • Different surround speakers to replace the JBL ones: KEF 2001.5, 3001.5 eggs).
  • Extra speakers for in the kitchen.
  • A Qnap TS-119 or TS-439 NAS to replace the TS-109.
  • A Qnap Qback-35S or another eSata disk.
  • A Logitech Squeezebox

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