iPhone apps and Pinball Dreams

The built in calendar app on the iPhone is not great. I prefer a better week view. Call me old fashioned. I’ve installed the light version of Saisuke and follow the developments of Pocket Informant for the iPhone. I’ve used Pocket Informant on Windows Mobile and I miss it. I don’t like how you interact with Saisuke. Some of the buttons are really small. The week view, however is great.

I’m also searching for a good to do app. It would be nice if it has some online functionality. Maybe Toodledo or Remember the Milk. Pocket Informant does have a built in task list that can synchronize with Toodledo.

Other apps that interest me are

  • iHome
  • Pinball Dreams
  • MovieMeter
  • MyBooks
  • Stuff Radar
  • My Stuff

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